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Updated phone number!!


Using a berry rake

The Winnower at work

Blueberry Season!


As of Saturday, July 29 we are


for the season! 


Friday, August 4: 8am-12pm

Saturday, August 5: 8am-4pm

Sunday, August 6: 10am-4pm

Monday, August 7: 8am-11am

Unfortunately this will be the end of the season.

All the berries are currently very ripe, which means by next weekend they will be too far gone.

Our berries are fed by rain and sunshine only. We do not spray or treat the field in any way, other than to cut it back occasionally.

We'll have fresh veggies and eggs for purchase as available. Veggies have only ever been treated with Neem Oil.

Please check Instagram and Facebook for updates,

hours, and events at our growing farm! 


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