Welcome 2021

As we sit watching the snow fall on what was bare ground just yesterday we are also looking ahead to greener times. I am pouring over my Baker Creek and Pinetree Garden Seed catalogs trying not to spend an entire fortune.

This year we're adding something new to the farm; CSA shares. If you're not familiar with the acronym, it means Community Supported Agriculture. In short it is a way for customers to pre-order farm products and a way for farms to gain the funds to invest in seeds and supplies during the down-time in the winter and early spring. For more in depth information check out our CSA Page.

There are a number of CSA models, and we'd like to know which model would be best for you. We'd also like to know what types of farm products you're interested in. Do you like the standard vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers...), fruits, herbs, berries? Would you be interested in eggs, poultry, or baked goods? You can take our CSA Options survey to let us know!

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