Welcome to Smith Ridge

From the moment we stepped foot on this property we knew it was the perfect home for our growing homestead. We had visited a few other properties that had potential, but none of them grabbed us like this one. It was mid-July and the flowers were blooming, bees buzzing everywhere. There was no question, we needed this house. By the time we moved in it was mid-October, and the views had changed a bit, but did not disappoint.

A history

With our young daughters we planted our first garden in 2009. It has been a labor of learning through trial and error.

We quickly realized that the area we chose was a little too wet so the next year we moved the garden to a higher spot and built raised beds. Each year we added a bed or two, and a new crop or two until we had a thriving garden. The gardens grew and so did the children. Eventually we added chickens, just a few. I hadn't learned about Chicken Math yet. I did learn to can; first jellies and jams, then zucchini relish, and eventually low-acid foods like green beans.

It wasn't long before we added some meat chickens which we learned to process ourselves by helping some friends process theirs. With each thing we learned we wanted to learn more, and add more to our farm. We wanted to make the garden even bigger, we wanted to add pigs and maybe some other animals. We were starting to outgrow our one acre homestead and our small ranch home.

In 2016 we put our home on the market and set out to find a home and property we could begin to really farm on. As I said before, when we stepped on this property we knew this was the place. The property has fields and woods, gardens and orchards, a natural spring and frontage on a pond, a view to die for, and a large wild blueberry field.

The property needed some rehab, it had been only a summer camp with no full time residents so it had been a while since it was fully maintained, but we knew we were up to the challenge.

We spent most of the first year settling in, exploring, and getting to know the property. We've slowly been making changes and improvements to the land and the structures, adding to the produce and livestock, and this coming summer will be no different. We can't wait to share the progress with you!

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