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Pigs are $4.50/lb plus processing. 

The estimated cost for a whole, 250-300 pound pig is $1100-1200 to Smith Ridge. 

A deposit of $500 is required to reserve your pig. Balance due will be calculated when pigs are dropped off at the butcher. If you would like to pay by check or in person please contact Ronica at 207-491-5551. 

2024 Pastured Pork - Whole (Deposit)

  • Processing is typically completed at Hemlock Ridge in New Sharon, ME. This will be confirmed after I have all orders and have reserved a date. 

    You will be responsible for picking the processed meat up from the processor, and will pay them directly upon pick-up.

    A very rough estimate of processing a 250-300 pound pig is $275+. Price is determined by Hemlock Ridge, and based upon hanging weight of the pig, as well as choices regarding smoked meat and sausage.

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